Indeed Corporate Office Suite

Streamline gut renovated 36,000 sq ft on 3 floors in the Hippodrome building for a massive state of the art office space. Challenge: Working in an active corporate office building with quiet floors above and below, on a 12 week timeline. We created a strict project schedule starting at 5am, with quiet time from 9am-2pm, then working until midnight. Streamline performed the carpentry and millwork.




36000 Sq. Feet

Designed by

Indeed corporate


Our Role

Carpentry + Millwork

Why work with us

Flexible Bidding

We can bid your project as the GC / CM or as a sub contractor.

Fast Paced schedules

We can meet all deadlines once agreed upon with desiogn team and ownership.

We meet deadlines

We work overtime and on weekends when the project requires it.

Highest quality finishing

Our team of finishers leave the project at 100% complete everytime.

Owner operated

Our CEO and COO are involved from start to finish on every project we engage in.