Streamline worked with internationally acclaimed Chef Gunter Seeger’s design team to create his first New York restaurant, designed to evoke the feeling of dining at home. We had an extremely tight time frame compounded by coordinating with the UK based design team and long lead time, custom kitchen appliances and fixtures. Identifying the client ’s vision of the desired atmosphere of the space was critical to determine framing and mechanical decisions required at the outset of the job. Streamline’s role was GC, and we self performed the millwork.


West Village


3300 Sq. Feet

Designed by

AWI Interiors


MZA Architecture

Our Role

General Contractor + Millwork

Why work with us

Flexible Bidding

We can bid your project as the GC / CM or as a sub contractor.

Fast Paced schedules

We can meet all deadlines once agreed upon with desiogn team and ownership.

We meet deadlines

We work overtime and on weekends when the project requires it.

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Our team of finishers leave the project at 100% complete everytime.

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Our CEO and COO are involved from start to finish on every project we engage in.